Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders are more prevalent today than ever, but are often misdiagnosed or left untreated for many people. Torn Counseling & Recovery can help.

Anxiety Disorders in Children Should Never Be Taken Lightly – Please Seek Professional Help

Anxiety disorders in children can have a profound impact on their lives, leading to social isolation and an inability to function normally in society. If a child is not supported in managing these conditions, they are likely to struggle heavily at school, leading to poor academic results and the development of further psychological issues. It is therefore important that any signs of anxiety disorders in children be taken seriously, with supportive measures being put into place as soon as possible. With the right help, the right surroundings, and plenty of intentionality, many children are able to overcome their anxieties and live happy, fulfilling lives. If left untreated, many children who suffer from anxiety disorders become teens who suffer even more.

Teens Who Suffer from Anxiety Are at Higher Risk than Any Other Time in Recorded History

Anxiety disorders in teens is a growing issue due to many factors, including the difficulties that are already experienced by this age group on a daily basis. From juggling school and fighting social pressures, to figuring out their true sense of self, today’s teenagers are faced with many challenges that can easily become overwhelming. There may be various factors that contribute to anxiety in teens such as family dynamics, biological influences, or stressful life events; but regardless of what’s behind it, the consequences of not seeking treatment for teenage anxiety can be devastating and even permanent. Appropriate therapy for teen anxiety can help reduce symptoms like fear and restlessness and provide teens with healthy coping skills for future situations. It is essential that this vulnerable population receives much needed support and care so they can go on to lead happy and successful lives.

If You Thought Adults Were Immune to Clinical Anxiety Disorders, Think Again! The Struggle is Real

Anxiety disorders are a major concern for adults today. Recent research has shown that worldwide, approximately one in four adults suffers from some form of this condition. Not only can it be mentally disabling to those affected, but it can also have damaging effects on physical health due to stress-induced strain on the body. Furthermore, left untreated, anxiety disorders can lead to depression which further impacts quality of life significantly. Thankfully, there are several approaches that can help manage and reduce anxiety levels in adults, from lifestyle changes such as regular exercise and relaxation techniques, to cognitive behavioral therapy and medications. It is important that people facing anxiety discuss their concerns with a professional for individualized care to determine the best plan for them.

There’s No Better Time to Seek Help than Right Now, and No Better Resource than Torn Counseling & Recovery

For many who are suffering daily from anxiety disorders, Torn Counseling & Recovery is the perfect place to receive help and begin the road to recovery. With licensure, certifications, excellent training and the best equipment available, clients of many different ages and backgrounds have received compassionate assistance to gain a better understanding of their struggles with anxiety issues, and take the right steps towards conquering their struggles. Torn Counseling & Recovery is a unique refuge that is dedicated to working with each individual to develop tools and strategies to effectively manage their condition and ultimately achieve peaceful resolution and societal function. If you or someone you know needs help dealing with clinical anxiety disorders, all you need is courage to take the first step: reach out.