Torn Counseling & Recovery Facilities

Our counseling and recovery facilities were envisioned and constructed to provide clients with a unique and modern environment in which to heal - far from the traditional hospital and treatment setting.

Intensive individual therapy, innovative group session work, family programming, individual and group fitness options, and comprehensive dietary/nutrition planning all serve to complement our comprehensive approach to the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders.

Treatment Center

Our primary location in Acworth, GA is a sprawling, modern-industrial facility that accommodates a safe environment in which individuals can share, process, and grow. Our primary goal with every individual is to treat them as such - an individual. Our open floor plan emphasizes a welcoming and non-restrictive space, while reiterating the idea that every client who attends our program does so of their own willingness and courage to seek the necessary measures to prompt positive change.

Fitness Center

Open only to current clients, our workout facility serves to aid in the process of healing and recovery. We believe that diet and exercise can often have a profound effect on the state of one’s mental health. As such, we seek to implement healthy alternatives in contrast to patterns and habits that may have previously perpetuated mental discord. We offer weightlifting, cardio, group fitness classes, punching bags, yoga instruction, and other health focused activities that help achieve a comprehensive state of well-being, in lieu of only addressing part of the presenting issue.